3D Game Animation:


Animate a walk cycle, run cycle,
standing jump, and running jump. 

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You Have To Walk Before You Can Run

Daniel Perry started his animation career, like many others, with love for games and film. After graduating from school for Advanced Character Animation, he landed his first animation job for Firaxis Games, working on Sid Meier’s Civilization V. At Fireaxis, he was given the opportunity to completely redesign how the ‘leaders’ were animated. This new direction for the title still holds today in the latest installments of the Civilization franchise. Later, he moved onto Zenimax Online Studios, where he worked on The Elder Scrolls Online.

Dan will teach you the workflows for animating character walk and run cycles, as well as standing and running jumps. From the base poses all the way to fluid starts and stops, you will learn to implement pose libraries and well as timing, overlapping, secondary motion and proper follow through for weight. You will receive 31 detailed objectives as well as a bonus objective for the basics of the walk cycle.


By the end of the workshop you'll:

  • Have produced a complete animated walk cycle, run cycle, standing jump, and running jump
  • Learned the importance of various stages of animation.
  • Learned how to implement pose libraries.
  • Blocked a character with the primary poses.
  • Learned about timing, overlapping, and secondary motion.
  • Have insight into the real world importance of different stages of kinematics
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Our courses are built around job-readiness so we use Sprints to help break the content up into actionable units.

This workshop's total run time is 30 hours and 4 minutes.

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Walk Cycle: Introduction & Blocking

199 minutes

In the first sprint, there are 4 objectives. Dan will introduce the character, provide a warm-up for lower body animation, and block out the walk cycle.

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Walk Cycle: Inbetweens & Polishing

195 minutes

In the next sprint, Dan goes over timing, different levels of overlap, and proper follow through for weight. There are 3 objectives in this sprint.

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Walk Cycle: Start & Stop Transitions

258 minutes

In the third sprint, with 4 objectives, Dan introduces starting and stopping, focusing on starting motion and adding fluidity to starting motion.

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Run Cycle: Posing & Blocking

128 minutes

In the fourth sprint, Dan introduces the run cycle. This sprint has 2 objectives, and it covers the posing and blocking for a run cycle. 

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Run Cycle: Advanced Blocking & Splining

100 minutes

In the fifth sprint, there are 2 objectives. Here, Dan covers advanced blocking for the run cycle and splining.

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Run Cycle: Secondary Actions & Polishing

150 minutes

In the sixth sprint, Dan covers secondary actions, polishing, and a foot slip. This sprint has 3 objectives.

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Run Cycle: Start & Stop

108 minutes

In the seventh sprint, Dan focuses on the start and stop of his run cycle. There are 2 objectives, and Dan will focus on how to animate the start and stop of a run cycle.

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Standing Jump: Blocking

110 minutes

In the eighth sprint, Dan introduces the standing jump. There are 2 objectives, and he focuses on blocking out the standing jump. 

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Standing Jump: Inbetweens & Secondary Actions

123 minutes

In the ninth sprint, Dan focuses on in-between secondary actions for a standing jump. 

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Standing Jump: Polish & Game Anim Prep

106 minutes

In the tenth sprint, Dan will cover the polishing and game preparation for a standing jump. He'll focus on overlap and breaking the animation into different parts for a game. 

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Running Jump: Blocking

112 minutes

In the eleventh sprint, Dan will introduce a running jump animation. He'll start off with blocking the jump. This sprint will include 2 objectives.

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Running Jump: Splining & Game Anim Prep

215 minutes

In the last sprint, Dan finalizes the running jump. He focuses on splining and preparing the animation for a game. This sprint has 4 objectives in it. 


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  • 31 Objectives to complete
  • Bonus Objective with Walk Cycle Basics
  • 30 hrs 4 min of training
  • A community of 2000+ artists
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per month for 6 months

  • 31 Objectives to complete
  • Bonus Objective with Walk Cycle Basics
  • 30 hrs 4 min of training
  • A community of 2000+ artists
  • Mode of Delivery: Online
  • Certification: Available
  • Individual Video Support: 8/Mo
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3D Game Animation: Kinematics

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